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Lebo Adult Coed Softball League Rules

Current A.S.A. slow pitch rules will be enforced unless exceptions are noted:


General Rules




·     The length of games is typically 75 minutes (1hour and 15 minutes) No new innings will be permitted after the   85th minutes (1 hour and 25 minutes) has expired. The umpire will monitor the game times and have the official say.

·     The final score after 7 innings (or the maximum complete innings that was played if short of seven) will constitute the winner.

·     Games will be played with a hard 12” softball.

·     Pitch heights are 6’ minimum and 12’ maximum from ground level

·     Pitching distance to home plate will range from be 50-53 feet.  Base paths will be 60 or 65 feet depending on field. “65 Feet will be our first option” 

·     Home team’s scorebook is the official book. The HOME team is to use the 3rd base side dugout.


·     The Home Team should provide a softball per game to the umpire.  If the ball ends up lost, a practice ball can be used.

Blood Rule. A player who is bleeding, has an open wound, shall be considered an injured player. Such players may not return to the game until the bleeding has stopped and the wound properly covered. The umpire and/or staff assistant on duty shall determine a reasonable amount of time to get the wound covered and the bleeding stopped so that the player does not have to substitute out of the game.

"Shorthanded Rule". If a player must leave the game and there is no substitute available when it is that player's turn to bat an out is declared limited to one time per game.

 The ball is dead and not in play:

1. When no pitch is declared.

2. When a foul ball is not caught.

3. When a runner is called out for leaving a base too soon.

4. When offensive interference occurs.

5. When a defensive player carries the ball out of play. 

The ball is in play:

1. When the infield fly rule is enforced.

2. When a thrown ball remains in playable territory.

3. When a base is dislodged while base runners are progressing

4. When a thrown ball strikes an offensive player.

5. When a thrown ball or fair batted ball strikes an umpire.

6. When a thrown ball strikes a coach.

7. The ball remains alive until the umpire declares time. Time will be called when the ball is held by a player on the infield area and, in the opinion of the umpire, all play has ceased.

>>> A foul ball must reach a height of six feet or more to be legally caught for an out, except third strike in which case any foul is an out.


Fielding Rules

·         All players in attendance unless injured must play in the field at least 3 complete innings.


·        Seven (7) players minimum to start a game. In cases where a team only has 9 players, the team must limit their outfielders to 3. 


·         In cases where the opposing team has only 7 players, a catcher is allowed to be provided by the opposing team.

·         Pitchers and Catchers are required to wear a protective mask when in the field. 

·         No Minimum rule of males and female to play infield positions.

·         All outfielders must start from the outfield grass (Minimum of 20 feet back from infield) for all batters both male and female until the pitch crosses the plate or is hit.

·         Sliding at home plate will be permitted and is recommended if there is a play at home. Base runners MUST use the back of the strike mat on close plays at the plate (If using strike mat). The catcher will stand on the side of home plate itself and the runner will pass behind to score.

·         Sliding is permitted on the other three bases. Please keep it safe!!

·         Home plate as well as all parts of the strike mat are considered part of home plate for scoring purposes only.

·         Infielders are required to start behind the baseline except for pitchers. 

At - Bat Rules

·         A “Strike Zone” mat may be used. Any legal pitch that contacts the mat will be called a strike.  The Umpire may only use the strike zone mat as a reference and thus allowed to called strikes even if the pitched ball hits the mat or not.  

·         Batter’s count will begin with a 0-0 count.

·         There are specific run rules per team per half inning limit with NO Continuation. 

·         Innings 1-6 = 5 Run Rule with no Continuation (unless the inning is the last of game which would change the rules to unlimited).

·         Unlimited Runs in the 7th innings or any extra innings.

·         Any player who arrives after the game has started and the respective team has already batted through, the player is ok to play immediately but must bat last in the order.

·         No bunting allowed of any kinds including slap bunts. This includes when a batter bunts or chops the ball downward. If this occurs, the ball is considered dead, and all runners return to the base they occupied when the ball was pitched.  Will be considered a Strike.

·         Batting order does NOT have to alternate between male and female or vice-versa. Women and men may bat back-to-back.

·         Your batting order may consist of all team members present at any given game. Maximum of 14 batters may bat.

·         A foul ball with two strikes is registered as an out. The umpire will notify batter to “keep ball fair”. 

·         The team that is batting is required to always have a first and third base coach. 


Courtesy Runners: 

A courtesy runner is permitted for players who are injured.  We limit the courtesy runner to 1 per team per inning.  The only exception to this rule is if the player is injured on the current play and that team has already used a runner for the inning.  Any player injured before the game, will need to report that injury to both the umpire and the other team through their Head Coach.  The courtesy runner must be of the most recent batter who made an out. 


Important:  A courtesy runner will only be allowed for players who earn first base (Max) unless they are injured on the play.  So, if the player (who is designated injured pregame) hits a double or triple, they will not be eligible for a runner.  The runner in question will have the option to give up their base and take an out if they choose not to run after they have reached base successfully.  This includes extra bases due to fielding errors.



For a bat to be deemed legal it must be an official A.S.A. approved or Official USA approved softball bat. It must have a safety grip (no smooth tape) and must be free of rough or sharp edges. Baseball/Fungo bats are illegal.  Senior Bats are also illegal. 


The official bat may be marked OFFICIAL SOFTBALL by the manufacturer and shall be no more than 34 inches long nor exceed 38 ounces in weight. The official bat shall not be more than 2.250 inches in diameter at its largest part, including any tolerance for expansion.


Altered Bat.  The official bat shall not be an Altered Bat.  The weight, distribution of weight, and length of the bat as well as all other characteristics of the bat must be permanently fixed at the time of manufacture and may not be altered in any way thereafter.



Mercy Rule:

If a team is winning by more than 15 runs after 5 innings, by rule the game is over.  Each game must complete 5 innings or meet the 90-minute maximum time limit to be considered a complete game.


Home Run Rule:

This league is using the 1 homerun advantage rule meaning there is no limits on how many homeruns a team hits in a game.  If one team hits 1 out of the park home run, they cannot hit another home run until the opposing team hits at least 1 home run. After which both teams are permitted to hit 1 more home run. This can continue throughout the entire game.  If a team hits a homerun when not permitted, this at bat will be considered an out.  (This rule is in effect any time we play on a field with a fence - Jefferson Pony included)



·         At the beginning of each half-inning., the pitcher may deliver no more than five warm up pitches to the catcher or other teammate. One ball will be called on the batter for each pitch thrown over the maximum.

·         The pitch must have a minimum arc of 6 ft. from the ground. The maximum allowable arc is 12 ft. from the ground. If the pitch does not meet these requirements, an illegal pitch shall be called. The batter has the option of taking the pitch for an automatic ball or swinging at the pitch. If the pitch is swung at, the illegal pitch is ignored.

·       The pitcher must deliver the ball in a continuous motion on the first forward swing of the pitching arm past the hip.

·       The pitcher must have at least 1 foot on the pitching strip when pitching.  If not, the pitch will be considered illegal.

Call up Rules:

If a team is short on players, they may choose to call in a player from another team assuming they choose a replacement of the same level as the player that they are replacing.   No call up players are permitted that have not registered in the league and/or on the replacement list.  Callups are to bat last in your order.


Administration Rules:

Rainouts may only make up games after 2 rainouts per team.  The league will do its best to make up every game but will always be subjected to available fields, umpires, and teams.  Rainouts – Unless the league officially cancels the game, the responsibility will be on the two head coaches.  They should coordinate and then make the decision. 


All protests should be discussed with the Umpire before the next pitch.  The Umpire makes the final ruling.



If a participant is ejected from a contest, he/she is immediately ineligible for further participation in the league until cleared by the League Coordinator. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by players or fans may cause a team to be disqualified from further competition. In addition, players, coaches, and spectators may not harass the officials (verbally or physically) after the contest has ended. Offender(s) are subject to the same penalties and procedures as players being ejected from the contest.



Participants should be aware that there is a risk of injury in participation in due to the inherent nature of the activity. Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and to obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation. Individuals participate in intramural activities at their own risk


Standings Tie Breakers:

If a team or teams are tied and seeding is required, the tiebreakers are as follows:

o   Head-to-Head (If three teams are tied, this tiebreaker is null/void)

o   Runs allowed

o   Runs for

o   Coin Flip

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